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There are two different forms of 'fat' stores – underneath the skin; within the blood vessels. People who suffering from obesity, stored excess fat under their skin; People who suffering from hyperlipidemia will have an excessive accumulation constricts the blood vessels that causes a reduction in blood flow, increasing the risk of developing atherosclerosis, diabetes , hypertension, stroke , coronary heart disease, fatty liver and other serious illnesses that affect peoples’ lives.

Many people stress that they are doing a sufficient amount of exercise with minimal caloric intake yet still find it difficult to lose weight. To understand why this is the case, we must understand processes of fat metabolism.

Fat metabolism requires different enzymes, acids and other contributors that solve this problem. Our own bodies can produce majority of these, however some of these elements are unable to be synthesized in our body. These elements are called "essential fatty acids" which requires us to obtain this through oral consumption. We must not underestimate them. Essentially, they are just like the activators in our chemistry experiments. Therefore, those who cannot lose weight or lower blood cholesterol are likely to lack essential fatty acids.

Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down dietary fats into smaller molecules called fatty acids and glycerol. This enzyme specifically digests butter fat in food.
Linolenic acid,
an essential fatty acid, improves brain health and also can reduce blood lipids and lower blood pressure.
Linoleic acid
    Linoleic acid also called Omega-6. It is recognized as an essential fatty acid (the body cannot synthesize), can reduce blood cholesterol and prevents atherosclerosis. In the case of lack linoleic acid, it binds to cholesterol and saturated fatty acid, deposited in the vessel wall, gradually formed atherosclerosis and causing the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
3.Lecithin is an excellent source of nutrience for the brain, heart, liver and other organs including the skin. It has an emulsifying, fat decomposition effect and promotes blood circulation, serum lipid peroxides, reduced blood cholesterol and reduces fat remaining on the blood vessel walls, thus promoting atherosclerotic plaque dissipation.
Emodin, rhubarb phenol and dietary fiber:
    5.Emodin, rhubarb phenol and dietary fiber: Laxative, reducing the intestinal absorption of fat.

Herbal granules used in this recipe are lab tested and have shown evidence to lowering blood cholesterol and assist with weight loss.

For weight loss: take it before meal.
For reducing blood cholesterols: take it one hour after meal.
Recommended for a course of 1 – 3 months. Repeat if you desire.